New publication: online support for adjunct instructors.

I co-authored an article with Professor Julia Kleinschmit, my colleague at the University of Iowa School of Social Work. We discuss the online hub we built to support our adjunct instructors across multiple centers. The article was published in the journal Professional Development: The International Journal of Social Work Education. Follow the link here: Meet me… Continue reading New publication: online support for adjunct instructors.

The Disappearing Calendar: #StephenCast Friday for 9/21/18.

For this Friday, I'm expanding on the calendaring discussion from last week, and zoning in one of the biggest problems with modern calendars. As someone who went from a static paper calendar to my Palm Tungsten in the early 2000s, to my smartphone with an integrated work calendar, I welcome how I can share my… Continue reading The Disappearing Calendar: #StephenCast Friday for 9/21/18.

It’s Friday StephenCast time: “Put it on the schedule.”

My short podcast experiment continues. This week, I challenge myself  (and any audience members I may have ) to put your self-care plans on your schedule. Listen here: The StephenCast is a way for me to share thoughts on the work of clinical faculty in a social work profession. My premise is simple: SWrs are… Continue reading It’s Friday StephenCast time: “Put it on the schedule.”

Blog post! #SWDE2018: Day 3 & an attempt at a Twitter summary (in lieu of Storify)

It's over already? For me, The last day of the conference means attempting to get in what I can before flying home. Participants start to exist abruptly, so these things tend to end with hurried goodbyes. Several of my colleagues had to take earlier flights out to catch rerouted flights to avoid a storm. Fortunately,… Continue reading Blog post! #SWDE2018: Day 3 & an attempt at a Twitter summary (in lieu of Storify)

Blog Post! Day 2 #SWDE2018 Conference Notes (4/12/18).

I know this is the same feeling I get every year, but didn't I just get here? It's Friday when I write this summary of Thursday (day 2). I'll write this as best I can without expressing the small sense of sadness of saying goodbye to friends and colleagues, while also the feeling of anticipation… Continue reading Blog Post! Day 2 #SWDE2018 Conference Notes (4/12/18).

Blog post! #SWDE2018 Conference notes, Day 1.

We're back in San Antonio for the 4th annual Social Work Distance Education conference. It's been a beautiful day here, and for many of us, it's been great to see friends and colleagues. I had the pleasure of doing just that, gathering for lunch along the river walk. I wrote about #SWDE2017 conference last… Continue reading Blog post! #SWDE2018 Conference notes, Day 1.

Blog post! #SWDE2018: Conference notes! Pre-departure checklist.

Update: Whoops, I used an incorrect hashtag. I've corrected and reposted this.    This Tuesday I'll be heading out to the 4th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference in San Antonio, Texas. As a social work distance education administrator and clinical professor. I'm grateful this conference exists. I learn a lot every year.I meet and… Continue reading Blog post! #SWDE2018: Conference notes! Pre-departure checklist.