Social Work Distance Education Conference 2019 #SWDE2019 Pre-Conference Post

This is my third year attempting to capture at least a small part of the #SWDE2019 conference in a series of blog posts. I don't think I will ever crack how to do this "right", but this year I'm doing a few different things: On this blog, I'll post Twitter highlights and a few extra… Continue reading Social Work Distance Education Conference 2019 #SWDE2019 Pre-Conference Post

Blog post! #SWDE2018 Conference notes, Day 1.

We're back in San Antonio for the 4th annual Social Work Distance Education conference. It's been a beautiful day here, and for many of us, it's been great to see friends and colleagues. I had the pleasure of doing just that, gathering for lunch along the river walk. I wrote about #SWDE2017 conference last… Continue reading Blog post! #SWDE2018 Conference notes, Day 1.

Blog post! #SWDE2018: Conference notes! Pre-departure checklist.

Update: Whoops, I used an incorrect hashtag. I've corrected and reposted this.    This Tuesday I'll be heading out to the 4th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference in San Antonio, Texas. As a social work distance education administrator and clinical professor. I'm grateful this conference exists. I learn a lot every year.I meet and… Continue reading Blog post! #SWDE2018: Conference notes! Pre-departure checklist.

#APM17, I’m headed your way.

I'm planning to attend the 2017 Council of Social Work Education Annual Program in Dallas. This is my fourth APM, and once again, I'm grateful for the opportunity to connect with and learn from colleagues across the spectrum of social work practice and education. I'll be participating in two presentations: "The licensure exam: development and… Continue reading #APM17, I’m headed your way.

#SWDE2017, Day 3: That’s a wrap!

One more hat tip to Sean Erreger (@StuckonSW) for putting together Day 3 of the #SWDE2017 in Storify. Check it out, as always, as well as Sean's blog, and follow him on Twitter.  Well, that was short and amazing several days. I just got back and now I can write this wrap-up post. (Seriously, American… Continue reading #SWDE2017, Day 3: That’s a wrap!

Heading to SWDE 2017!

I was up at 4:00 this morning. Typically, I make room for conference travel, but this time, I'm practicing the art of cramming. I'll be at the hotel right before the conference starts today. This is the third social work distance education conference, and I've attended them all so far. My scheduling trade-off has an unintended… Continue reading Heading to SWDE 2017!