The Disappearing Calendar: #StephenCast Friday for 9/21/18.

For this Friday, I'm expanding on the calendaring discussion from last week, and zoning in one of the biggest problems with modern calendars. As someone who went from a static paper calendar to my Palm Tungsten in the early 2000s, to my smartphone with an integrated work calendar, I welcome how I can share my… Continue reading The Disappearing Calendar: #StephenCast Friday for 9/21/18.

Podcast Thoughts: On “Missing Richard Simmons” and Ending Relationships

I'm finally starting this new blogging project, where I occasionally comment on popular podcasts, with a social work POV. This first one is...not exactly timely. "Missing Richard Simmons", finished its short run months ago. I drafted this in April and I promised myself I'd get this out sometime in the summer. So, here it is. … Continue reading Podcast Thoughts: On “Missing Richard Simmons” and Ending Relationships