#SWDE2019 Day 3 Visual Twitter: People really do attend the final sessions here.

Conferences start with large groups committed to learning, and end with individuals scheduling separate rideshares. My conference experiences usually see people giving hugs and quick good-byes, scattered throughout the last twelve hours. Getting assigned the last day to do a presentation usually means a near-empty cavernous room and a feeling of rushed, quiet endings. So… Continue reading #SWDE2019 Day 3 Visual Twitter: People really do attend the final sessions here.

#SWDE2019 Day 1, continued: Blogging the Con.

In earlier versions of my conference blog posts, I'd try to get into the presentations I attended. Twitter and Wakelet have upended that need, and that's good, because at their best, those platforms simply allow people to crowdsource. That's what I am trying to do here: aggregating. I am hoping to get a decent crowdsourcing… Continue reading #SWDE2019 Day 1, continued: Blogging the Con.

Blogging the Conference: #SWDE2019 Day 2: The One Where Someone Got Tenure

Dr. Nathalie Jones learns she has been awarded tenure while sitting in the lobby. She apparently learned via text (#swtech): https://twitter.com/laurelhitchcock/status/1116478641540608003 https://twitter.com/spcummings/status/1116482321098653697 https://twitter.com/njsmyth/status/1116513335573348352 https://twitter.com/DrNJonesTSU/status/1116565791111991296 Selfies and portraits https://twitter.com/CharlaYearwood/status/1116336535715106818 https://twitter.com/MattheaMarquart/status/1116553433773957120 https://twitter.com/MattheaMarquart/status/1116552714941497344 https://twitter.com/kathy_bargar/status/1116545164464533504 https://twitter.com/annwilder/status/1116543989702889473 https://twitter.com/kathy_bargar/status/1116543957926912000 https://twitter.com/MattheaMarquart/status/1116542271103668224 https://twitter.com/melaniesage/status/1116505789575892992 Presentations https://twitter.com/KristenMSamuels/status/1116431053806276608 https://twitter.com/StevaraClark/status/1116057387352436736 https://twitter.com/StevaraClark/status/1116374778498224130 https://twitter.com/DrNJonesTSU/status/1116420150230757376 https://twitter.com/annwilder/status/1116495229425725440 https://twitter.com/CharlaYearwood/status/1116473842829025280 https://twitter.com/laurelhitchcock/status/1116466363801976833 https://twitter.com/MattheaMarquart/status/1116464777050697728 https://twitter.com/laurelhitchcock/status/1116461380687794176 https://twitter.com/SWDEConference/status/1116460397157134343 https://twitter.com/spcummings/status/1116423993131663373 https://twitter.com/DrFeMurray/status/1116086463526002688 https://twitter.com/laurelhitchcock/status/1116458672236974082 https://twitter.com/kathy_bargar/status/1116419292256403456 https://twitter.com/EBelluomini/status/1116360785872211973 https://twitter.com/EBelluomini/status/1116343992554348544 https://twitter.com/sssw_edtech/status/1116351410659053570 https://twitter.com/laurelhitchcock/status/1116431564211130369 https://twitter.com/DrFeMurray/status/1116454193970151426… Continue reading Blogging the Conference: #SWDE2019 Day 2: The One Where Someone Got Tenure

Blogging the conference, #SWDE2019 Day 1 (Brief) Recap: We need to extend our reach.

I've blogged the Social Work Distance Education Conference before, and my tips for any conference organizers haven't changed. Many thanks to Our Lady of The Lake University for all their effort in making social media engagement a success. Some good things that organizers like OLLU do: Establish and promote the official hashtag early and often.Make… Continue reading Blogging the conference, #SWDE2019 Day 1 (Brief) Recap: We need to extend our reach.

Social Work Distance Education Conference 2019 #SWDE2019 Pre-Conference Post

This is my third year attempting to capture at least a small part of the #SWDE2019 conference in a series of blog posts. I don't think I will ever crack how to do this "right", but this year I'm doing a few different things: On this blog, I'll post Twitter highlights and a few extra… Continue reading Social Work Distance Education Conference 2019 #SWDE2019 Pre-Conference Post

Travel Social Work: #MacroSW Twitter Chat for 4/4/19 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern

Just a quick reminder that I”ll be moderating tonight’s #MacroSW chat.

For our Twitter chat this Thursday at 9:00 p.m., we’ll host this week’s guest expert, J the Roving Social Worker. J is a travel social worker, a social worker who moves from site to site, sometimes across the country.

Before the chat, get acquainted with travel social work by reading this week’s post!

What is Travel Social Work?

While travel nursing has exist for over 30 years, domestic Travel Social Work appears to have started within the last decade. Like travel nursing, TSW is a distinct workforce within the profession of Social Work. A TSW is hired to work in a Social Work practice setting for a limited amount of time. A traveler is not the same as a temp agency worker, a person who is usually local to the work site. These practice settings can be in a variety of regional settings such as urban, rural, or on Tribal…

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