Blog post! #SWDE2018: Conference notes! Pre-departure checklist.

SWDE 1 post.pngUpdate: Whoops, I used an incorrect hashtag. I’ve corrected and reposted this. 


This Tuesday I’ll be heading out to the 4th Annual Social Work Distance Education Conference in San Antonio, Texas. As a social work distance education administrator and clinical professor. I’m grateful this conference exists. I learn a lot every year.I meet and catch up with a lot of great people in the field. I’m so grateful for the host institution, Our Lady of the Lake University. Information about the conference is here.

I’ll be posting on Twitter at @spcummings using the hashtag #SWDE2018. I’ll post here as well in longer form. Twitter has long taken over the micro-blogging space on the web. We used to blog everything in one personal or professional space, but now blog spaces like this one seem more relevant with fewer posts, in longer form. That wasn’t the case in the last decade. In 2003, when I started playing with the blogging environment, the message I kept getting was: blog often, all the time, and keep it short. Then Facebook and Twitter came along. Both those platforms are enormous, and allow for people to come together in ways sharing personal blog links simply can’t do. What blogs can do is get a deeper feel for an experience. There’s this technique in Twitter, where the user can thread comments over several posts, but I’m going to simply write more here. I will anchor my posts here through Twitter (that hashtag again: #SWDE2018).

(I’ll be presenting twice this year, one session and one poster. I’ll post more about this tomorrow.)



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