#Macrosw Holiday Open Mic Night December 14, 2017

Our last #MaroSW chat is an open mic! Check it out this Thursday.



What a year!  For most of us, it’s been a year unlike any other. We have been challenged to #resist social injustice, holding on tightly to our professional values in the midst of unsettling social change. Time has flown quickly, and some of us are feeling a little battle weary.  Our #macrosw chat team marched in Washington, and we invited Donald Trump (via Tweet, of course)  to address some of our concerns  concerning the wellbeing of this nation.  Most of us have managed to maintain sometimes stressful interpersonal relationships with family and friends who may have different social and political perspectives.  Here at #macrosw we have continued dialogue with members of our profession as well as allied collaborators on relevant topics of the day. We wind down 2017, tired, sometimes frustrated about the condition of our world, yet energized and hopeful about the year to come.  Our nation needs our work and…

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#MacroSW: Social Action Series Starts 12/7/17

This week’s #MacroSW chat will be the first in a series covering social action. Read the full posting below (or head over to macrosw.com for all the details including how to participate in one of our chats. See you Thursday!

By Rachel L. West

The first part of a new series of chats on social action will take place this Thursday, December 7th at 9:00 PM EST/6:00 PM PST. The series will be hosted by Rachel L. West (@poliSW). The series will examine what social action is, it’s role in social work, creating a personal and shared vision, social action planning, community assessment and mobilizing, and tactics.

Questions for Social Action 101:

Q1: What is social action?

Q2: In social work, how do we define community?

Q3a: What community/communities do you belong to?

Q3b: Thinking of a community you are a member of, what problems exist in that community?

Q3c: What is your personal vision for that community?

Q4: How can you go about turning your personal vision into a shared vision?


Rabinowitz, P. (2017). Social Action. In Community Tool Box (Chapter 5). Retrieved from



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