Day Two (after hours).

I’ll post thoughts on day two shortly, in the meantime…

I did get to see a little of the area tonight. While I do get work done while at conferences, the benefit of getting to know your colleagues is that you can go out together to see the area. I was advised to run along the riverwalk. Later, we had dinner at Mi Tierra.

IMG_5850 2.JPGIMG_5854.JPG


Author: Stephen Cummings

I've been involved with the social work field for over 20 years, although I needed a good mentor early on to state explicitly: "You know what you are doing is social work, right?" I worked with a community-based agency for people with intellectual disabilities before seeking my MSW. After graduating, I worked as a hospital social worker for 10 years, focusing on interventions for trauma patients and families. I've had an interest in technology in the field of social work practice, which led me to my current role as the Distance Education Director and Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of Iowa School of Social Work.

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