MacroSW chat this week 4/20: Media Night!

#MacroSW is a great way for social work professionals to engage on a range of issues. The platform for discussion is Twitter. In my opinion, this is one of the best uses of the Twitter platform. This Thursday evening, I'll be hosting the chat. Follow this link to learn about the chat, and how you… Continue reading MacroSW chat this week 4/20: Media Night!

#SWDE2017, Day 3: That’s a wrap!

One more hat tip to Sean Erreger (@StuckonSW) for putting together Day 3 of the #SWDE2017 in Storify. Check it out, as always, as well as Sean's blog, and follow him on Twitter.  Well, that was short and amazing several days. I just got back and now I can write this wrap-up post. (Seriously, American… Continue reading #SWDE2017, Day 3: That’s a wrap!

#SWDE2017 Day 2: The FOMO is real.

FOMO stands for Fear Of Missing Out,  and I'm comfortable admitting that I felt this yesterday. Or, at least, a scaled-down version of it. FOMO's intended meaning describes the fear you experience when you think your peers are doing something more interesting than you, which forces you to check your social media constantly to see if… Continue reading #SWDE2017 Day 2: The FOMO is real.

Day 1: SWDE’s third year is a different experience.

I recall attending the first SWDE conference in 2015. It was a small conference, but the information was overwhelming. I'd come to get a handle on best practices for online programming. That topic was well-covered, as well as just about any topic you could imagine. I came away feeling well-informed, and a bit wrung out. In… Continue reading Day 1: SWDE’s third year is a different experience.

Heading to SWDE 2017!

I was up at 4:00 this morning. Typically, I make room for conference travel, but this time, I'm practicing the art of cramming. I'll be at the hotel right before the conference starts today. This is the third social work distance education conference, and I've attended them all so far. My scheduling trade-off has an unintended… Continue reading Heading to SWDE 2017!